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Professional Abuse

Professional Abuse

Working under the supervision of Mark Hollinghurst the Head of the team, Victoria Thackstone will be your main point of contact in the Professional Abuse team.

We have specialised for many years pursuing civil claims relating to negligent treatment and the breach of appropriate personal boundaries by psychotherapists and counsellors, whether it be in a private or NHS setting.

We also pursue civil claims relating to abusive treatment and the breach of appropriate personal boundaries by many other healthcare professionals again, whether it be in a private or NHS setting.

We always act on behalf of the Client, never the professional/practitioner. We act for Clients throughout the UK.

The type of healthcare professionals we have pursued claims against is wide-ranging and includes psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, community psychiatric nurses, GPs and health and social care professionals, to name a few.

In addition to pursuing civil claims for damages, we are also able to advise on complaint/regulatory processes.

Trust, confidentiality and communication

We recognise that it is important to be able to trust your lawyer. The reasons for this are obvious - you have previously trusted a professional and had your trust abused. Can you trust another professional? You are certainly entitled to do so and we aim to offer a safe and secure environment in which to pursue your claim.

We understand from the outset that the information you give to us will be distressing for you and that this information is confidential.

We act for clients all over England and Wales, and aim to give clear advice. We are used to working with clients long-distance and establish clear and effective ways of communicating with you during the course of the legal process.

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Victoria was professional, forthright, clear and had good boundaries
I felt confident that the legal advice [Victoria] gave me was offered with my best interests at heart.
Victoria is a very nice person, easy to speak to and very understanding.
[Victoria] didn't once make me feel uneasy when I was speaking with her about delicate matters.
Victoria and Mark have an outstanding knowledge about the effects of Professional Abuse.
At all times, received sensitive, professional and caring help.
I will always be grateful for this team's human approach.
Victoria made what would have been a stressful experience, stressless.
Questions were answered immediately, always in a friendly but professional manner.
I didn't find it at all stressful and I hope others will do the same if they encounter a rogue therapist.
[I] had a very negative impression of what Solicitors would be like. I am very pleased to say this was totally wrong!
Victoria was always very patient, helpful and provided excellent guidance and advice.
Mark and Victoria were extremely supportive. I can safely say I was never let down by my team.
I would not hesitate in highly recommending your services to future Clients.
I have been terribly impressed by the honesty, integrity and dedication of the professionals who worked on my case.
I feel so fortunate to have found a solicitor who specialises in therapy abuse as such cases are very complex to comprehend.
I can also highly recommend Victoria in respect of the empathy and compassion shown whilst dealing with highly personal matters
I have felt safe in Victoria's advice and [was] always, always treated with respect