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The new ‘Pubs Code’ due to be introduced this May will bring costs savings for tied pub tenants of large pub owning companies regarding their lease payments – but may pose challenges in the run-up to them coming into force.
Business owners need to consider the implications of major new transparency rules being imposed on nearly all UK companies to combat tax evasion, money laundering and financing terrorism.
A landlord who fails to comply with new immigration rules to ensure its tenants have the right to rent its property could incur fines of up to £3k and a criminal record. 
Haulage and delivery companies should not be pressurised into paying excessive penalties for trespass demanded by aggressive traffic management enforcement companies at distribution centres and delivery points, who monitor breaches of traffic r...
Taking on a lease is a major commitment for charities - bringing a raft of obligations for trustees, who could find themselves personally liable. For this reason, it is vital that they understand and agree to all provisions.
With the impending introduction of the National Living Wage (NLW), employers are urged not to panic. Instead of shedding workers and eroding their knowledge base during the biggest staff shortage and skills gap in recent history, they should we...
Unmarried cohabiting couples are urged to consider the implications of the recent High Court decision to uphold the government’s refusal to grant civil partnerships to heterosexual couples - leaving them with no legal rights or ...
While business owners contemplating bringing legal proceedings will undoubtedly welcome the recent news that planned Court fee hikes have been abandoned, they should be aware that Court issue fees remain very high.
Landlords are advised to acquaint themselves with important new rules on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in rented properties.
This week’s Supreme Court ruling - which dismissed a challenge by M&S that a term should be implied into its lease with landlord BNP Paribas - highlights the importance of tenants checking their break conditions.
Winter weather often prevents employees from getting to work - leaving charities under resourced and potentially out of pocket.
A recent Supreme Court ruling centred on a parking fine may have far-reaching implications on the law of damages, which will affect a large number of cases covering a wide range of disputes.