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Businesses of all sizes - and across all sectors - invariably agree that employment law is a minefield and probably the fastest-changing legislation which directly affects almost every company.
The hlw Keeble Hawson Employment Team presents Free Employment Law Update seminars in Sheffield, Leeds and Doncaster.  A choice of dates, start times and venues is available.
Pay for what you use is reconfirmed. The Court of Appeal has now overruled the decisions of Goldacre and Luminar, which have been the subject of much controversy and tension between Administrators and Landlords.
A number of developments and changes in employment law are planned and will come into effect during the course of 2014 and these include the following:-
Two recent prosecutions by the Health and Safety Executive confirm that exposure to asbestos is still taking place in the workplace despite all of the information available regarding the dangers involved.
An Employment Tribunal has recently allowed a claim for caste discrimination to proceed to a full trial  on the basis that the definition of “race” in the Equality Act 2010 is wide enough to cover caste.  Caste is not curr...
The Court of Appeal recently found that one of four intended guarantors to a Loan facility was not bound in his individual capacity to guarantee the Loan because not all of his co-guarantors had validly signed the documentation.
In a recent case the Court has confirmed that liability for property damage caused by tree roots should be based on what knowledge is reasonably to be expected of a reasonably prudent homeowner.
Fraud has become more common over recent years, particularly in the property sector. Property owners who let their properties are at a high risk of their property being charged or even transferred without their knowledge. This can be done with ...
In 2011 the Government launched the Red Tape Challenge to cut down unnecessary business legislation. The Insolvency Service was tasked with streamlining the insolvency process on the premise that less and more consistent legislation will cut co...
On 6 April 2014 the Industrial and Provident Societies and Credit Unions (Arrangements, Reconstructions and Administration) Order 2014 will come into force.
Encephalitis is a rare brain disorder and to raise its awareness, the Encephalitis Society has inaugurated “World Encephalitis Day” to take place on 22 February 2014, the first day of its kind and for it to take place on the same da...