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Our Values

All too often law firms claim to value their clients, yet actually deliver the opposite experience. 

Even more frequently law firms claim to be client-focused yet when you try and find out how they can help you, all you discover is how many offices and how many partners they have.

At hlw Keeble Hawson, our only aim is to give you, your family and your business the best legal advice with the best level of customer service. But surely that’s what every law firm says?

Perhaps it is but we won’t back this up by telling you about the firm. We can show you exactly how we deliver on this promise by following three very simple principles:

Prevention is better than cure

By getting everything right from the start rather than when they go wrong, we will save you the time, money and hassle of putting them right further down the line.

Familiarity breeds efficiency

Having worked with a huge number of Yorkshire people and Yorkshire businesses for many years we know how to get to the heart of your issue fast.

This not only saves you from having to pay for unnecessary time while we familiarise ourselves with your situation, it also means you’ll receive more effective and more relevant advice.

Exceptional advice; better service

Our aim is to build a strong relationship based on quality of service and quality of advice. This creates an open dialogue in plain English and an atmosphere in which you can feel able to pick up the phone to us without fear of starting the clock ticking.