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Do you own or invest in property?

Whether you own property for the purposes of your business or if you are an active investor in property, we can help you with:

  • Freehold and leasehold sales. If you find yourself with premises you no longer require, we can assist you with either the sale of single properties or with the sale of an entire portfolio. We have experience in selling both residential and commercial units, tenanted or vacant
  • The sale of undeveloped land (with or without planning permission)
  • The sale or letting of units you have recently developed, including preparing any required construction documentation
  • The acquisition of new buildings and, once purchased, with the preparation of the leases for your new tenants
  • Any relocation and/or expansion requirements you might have in relation to your business
  • The acquisition of bare land and, once the purchase has been completed, with every aspect of the development of your land, whether you intend to occupy it for your business or to let it to tenants
  • Funding arrangements. Please click here to find out about the different ways we can help you arrange the funding you need for any property acquisitions.
  • The preparation of leases for any new investment properties. However, we could enter the chain much earlier by reviewing the existing leases on any prospective purchases so you have greater insight into whether your investment will deliver the level of return you need it to
  • Portfolio Management. Please click here to find about the different ways we can help you manage your portfolio.
  • Updating your documentation to reflect any agreed variations to your existing leases 

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