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Are you a renting or leasing?

If you rent and/or occupy your property as a tenant we can help you with:

  • A new lease. Whether you are expanding into new premises, opening in a new geographical location or starting from scratch, we will help you with every aspect of your new lease, from negotiating terms through to completion
  • Renewing a lease. If your lease has expired or is just about to, you will be thinking about the renewal.  So that your business isn't interrupted, we will clarify your legal position and take you through to the point you have the new lease you need
  • Alterations to your premises. In order to keep taking your business forward you may need to make some physical alterations to your premises. We can advise you on what alterations are permitted and what you need to do to make them without breaching the terms of your lease
  • Transfers of leases and subletting. If your business has reached a point where your current premises are no longer suitable, you may want to transfer your lease or sublet the whole or part of the property to another occupier. We will help you achieve what you want to and deal with your landlord during the process
  • Disputes with landlords. Sometimes you may find yourself at odds with your landlord. The disagreement may be over a rent review, an alleged breach of your maintenance obligations or the renewal of your lease. Whatever the reason, we will clarify your position and guide you through the steps required to legally protect your position
  • Terminating a lease. If you do want to terminate a current lease we can advise you on your statutory and contractual positions. We can also examine any other issues that relate to the termination of your lease, e.g. dilapidations

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