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Pre-Legal Collections

It is recognised that Creditors maxmise recovery if they outsource sooner rather than later. Creditors who also refer their legal collections to solicitors can often negotiate a better deal and spend less time adminstering their ledgers. You are presenting yourself as a professional organisation that takes late payment seriously. 

We can provide a bespoke process, incorporating both letters and telephone calls to act as an extension to your own credit control.

We can:

  • Quickly make contact with the debtor
  • Gather vital intelligence
  • Help you decide whether a claim is worth pursuing
  • Minimise your exposure to costs on those matters which are not worth pursuing
  • Escalate appropriate cases in the recovery process with no loss of momentum by issuing a formal letter before action

Court Proceedings

When all pre-legal efforts have been exhaused, we can commence formal legal proceedings for recovery.

We use the County Court Business Centre (CCBC) to process our claims to ensure a fast turnaround. Claims are submitted electronically and processed within a 24 hour turnaround. Further benefits include reduced court fees.

We guide our clients through the entire court process up to judgment, dealing with any admissions and proposals for payment which may be received.


Obtaining judgment can be a relatively easy process particularly when the debtor ignores legal proceedings. Determining the appropriate method of enforcement can be a more complex matter.
Although the Court may have ordered the Defendant to make a payment, there is no automatic penalty if they fail to do so, and it is for the creditor to decide the best method of enforcement and to fund that procedure.

There are various different methods of enforcement. The right method depends on what is known about the debtor’s assets.
We have the relevant knowledge of the rules and tools available which, combined with our clients’ knowledge of their own industry sectors, ensure that we pursue the most appropriate route to maximise recovery. 

Insolvency Process

Although insolvency procedures were not designed as a debt recovery tool, they are widely used in the recovery process for substantial debts.

Where a Creditor can show evidence that the Debtor is insolvent they can Petition the court that a Winding Up or Bankruptcy Order should be made. When issuing Petitions the intention is not normally to obtain an order, but to exert pressure on the debtor.

Although Petitions can be a particularly effective means of recovery, they are an expensive tool and it is therefore important that they are only directed against suitable targets. If the Debtor is neither willing nor able to make payment, then a Winding Up or Bankruptcy Order, although sometimes satisfying, makes little commercial sense.

We have the specialist knowledge to guide and advise you on the insolvency process, so you can make an informed decision on whether the insolvency route would be appropriate.

We can also draw on the expertise of our Insolvency team, consisting of qualified Insolvency Practitioners and specialist lawyers, who can help with the investigation process and provide our clients with specialist advice on the steps that can be taken to recover debts through the administration, liquidation or receivership of a company and also bankruptcy of an individual.

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