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We recognise that avoiding discrimination, harassment and victimisation in the workplace is important.

It will:

  • Help protect employees’ dignity
  • Reduce high compensation payments and expensive, time consuming litigation
  • Minimise damaging publicity and loss of staff morale

Employers are often unaware that discrimination laws cover all areas of employment including job adverts and the recruitment process, terms and conditions of work, conduct during employment and social events at work. They also cover dismissal and any work related matters arising after the employment has ended, such as giving references.

Employers will also be held responsible for unlawful acts of discrimination carried out by their employees even if they have acted in breach of Company rules and policy.

The law also protects agency workers, freelance workers, consultants, partners and directors as well as employees.  Therefore, businesses need to be aware of the wide ranging impact of discrimination law.

Discrimination law covers a wide range of subjects including some which many people may overlook. We have significant experience in dealing with the following issues:

  • Sex (including gender reassignment)
  • Race (including ethnic or national origin, nationality and colour)
  • Marital status (including civil partnerships)
  • Being pregnant or on maternity leave
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion or belief (including a philosophical belief such as a commitment to environmental issues)
  • Age

The law on discrimination is one of the most complex areas of UK employment law, as discrimination can occur in a number of ways.

In addition, employers often face claims of discrimination from employees whose employment has been terminated before they reach the normal qualifying period of one year to claim unfair dismissal. We can provide expert advice in dealing with internal complaints and investigations, as well as if a claim is brought in the Employment Tribunal.

Some areas create particular headaches for employers and these include the following:

  • Recruitment and promotion decisions
  • Harassment
  • Working hours and time off
  • Employees returning from maternity leave
  • Requesting to work part-time
  • Dress and appearance
  • Age criteria
  • Stress and disability

We can help you avoid breaches of the law and the consequences when a discrimination claim reaches the Employment Tribunal.

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