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Employment Tribunals

Employment Tribunals

With Employment Tribunal claims constantly on the increase and with unlimited compensation awards in some areas, it is vital that businesses are properly represented.

Within the team, we have experienced advocates who appear regularly in the Employment Tribunal across the UK.

Members of our team have experience in representing both employees and employers and can and deal with tactical strategies which can be an unwelcome surprise for the unwary.

We recognise that Employment Tribunal cases present employers with particular problems including risk of awards, disruption to the business and resulting adverse publicity if things go wrong.

We can advise on:-

  • What will happen at Tribunal and the likely outcome
  • How long it will take
  • What the case will cost both in legal fees and any compensation awarded
  • How many managers and how much management time will be needed

We will work with you to agree a clear, cost effective case strategy from the beginning, so that you do not waste unnecessary time and resources defending a claim which may be capable or being settled at a very early stage.

Our Employment Tribunal experience enables us to identify when you should fight and when you should attempt to settle and accept that lessons can be learned from the experience.

Our use of barristers to appear on your behalf is the exception rather than the norm, so you can be assured that we will have conduct of your case throughout. Moreover, we always discuss with you when it might be necessary to pass on your case to one of our panel of specialist barristers.

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