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Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive Covenants

We understand that key business assets can be in the form of information & knowledge, lists of business contacts & clients or specialised IT systems and data. So, it’s hardly surprising that employers will go to great lengths to protect this.

However, without specific and comprehensive terms in their employment contract, employees may be able to exploit their knowledge and contacts with key clients and customers. We can help by drafting appropriate policies and terms to deter and prevent employees from damaging your business by taking clients with them.

Because the law only provides employers with minimum protection in this area, it is vital to include provisions to prevent the following when employees leave:

  • Taking clients with them
  • Taking information which employers may properly regard as theirs and confidential
  • Persuading teams members or colleagues to join them in a new venture
  • Setting up in competition

Our Employment and Dispute Resolution teams can draft the relevant clauses to deter would-be ‘poachers’ of clients, as well as applying for injunctions where absolutely necessary to safeguard your business interests.

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