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Acquisitions from Insolvent Companies

Business Acquisitions from Insolvent Companies and Sole Traders

We act on behalf of companies and individuals looking to purchase the assets and/or business from an insolvent company or individual. We liaise with the appointed insolvency practitioner in pre pack situations and in liquidations to assist in concluding a purchase as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The level of service we can provide can be tailored to meet your needs. We can get involved right from the beginning with the insolvency practitioner, or simply provide advice on the documents, so you can effect the sale and purchase.
The potential liabilities to employees of an insolvent company is often an issue that can make or break an agreement to buy from an administrator. You will naturally want to know the extent of the risk you are taking on and the potential amount that could be due to the employees.
In conjunction with our specialist employment team we can provide a rapid response advice service for individuals faced with employee issues.

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