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Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law

Our team has a wide range of experience in advising clients on all aspects of IP and IT law.

Intellectual Property

Our team of experts can provide advice on how to protect, exploit and defend your intellectual property, be it registering a trade mark or design rights, applying for a patent, entering into a licence or assignment of your intellectual property or initiating proceedings against a third party to stop them infringing your IP. We provide assistance and guidance to enable you to maximise the value of your intellectual property.

Our services include advising upon the following:

  • registering trade marks and design rights
  • copyright and patents
  • passing off issues and claims
  • letters before action and intellectual property litigation
  • intellectual property due diligence
  • strategic advice in relation to infringement of intellectual property rights
  • database rights

Information Technology

Our team of experts can assist with all aspects of IT law, whether you are wanting to enter into a contract with a supplier to save your data to a ‘cloud’ or whether you are a business looking to trade or market your services online.

We have experience of preparing, negotiating and advising upon software development agreements, software licences and distribution agreements, maintenance agreements, outsourcing agreements and software VAR agreements.

We can also provide advice in respect of marketing and trading online. This includes providing guidance on data protection considerations, e-commerce and online trading regulations, preparing terms and conditions for online trading and providing advice upon their use and offering guidance on distance selling regulations and consumer protection legislation.

Our team can advise upon research and development arrangements and collaboration agreements including providing strategic guidance on the considerations and implications of such arrangements.

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