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Civil Fraud & Asset Recovery

Our team has wide ranging experience in acting for companies who have been the victims of fraud.

We have a track record of: -

  • Pursuing claims through the civil courts to reclaim the value of monies/assets taken by the fraudsters
  • Obtaining orders requiring the fraudsters to pay our clients’ legal costs
  • Where appropriate, working in tandem with the police to maximise the chances of both a successful recovery of money/assets and of a custodial sentence for the fraudsters

The earlier in the process you contact us the more we can help.

By calling us first we can:- 

  • Allow you to retain control over any investigation
  • Help maintain privacy by ensuring that the investigation is protected by legal privilege, even where third parties (such as accountants) are instructed
  • Help you decide whether or not to include the police (if so at what stage)

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