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Commercial Property Disputes

Commercial Property Disputes

Business lease renewals need to be dealt with in accordance with rules laid down by statute. We will be happy to ensure that the right steps are taken at the right times on your behalf, whether you are landlord or tenant.

There can be disagreement about the tenant’s liability to make good dilapidations or disrepair in the property. We will work with you to ensure that any dispute is resolved as quickly and cost effectively as possible, by referring to the contractual rights and obligations of each party.
Sometimes landlords and tenants want to terminate their relationship, and we can advise on a range of options for doing so, including forfeiture and possession proceedings.
Non-payment of rent is a problem experienced by almost every landlord from time to time. We can advise on a full range of options for recovering commercial rent arrears, including court proceedings, distraint, insolvency proceedings and more besides.
Disputes can arise between landlords and tenants for all kinds of reasons. We work in conjunction with our Commercial Property team to resolve those issues.

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