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Care Fees

In a climate where the issue of care funding remains controversial, our breadth and depth of expertise in this area - coupled with our understanding of relevant legislation - ensures our clients are fully aware of their options and the outcome they will achieve.

With too many people being sold ‘solutions’ which fail to explain the potential risks and the limited success of such schemes, our team ensures the correct measures are in place well in advance.

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Life Interest Trust Wills

Life Interest Trust Wills provide a way to combine drawing up a will and planning for potential care home fees.

Asset Protection Trusts

As the term implies, Asset Protection Trusts help to protect your assets and property.

Our team of experts works with fellow professionals such as Independent Financial Advisors to achieve the best results and financial outcomes possible for our clients.

We can help even when our clients fear it may be too late – as in cases where the family has not planned for a family member to go into residential care but this happens at short notice – and often at considerable cost.

There is still a course of action we can take if this happens. For example, and where appropriate, we can challenge Local Authority and NHS Trusts in terms of the level of funding awarded to an individual.

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