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Do you need advice on gifts and legacies?

If you are going to make sure the gifts you wish to make are valid, it is essential your Wills and Codicils are executed in line with your exact wishes.

To guarantee that happens, our experienced team will draft a Will that includes all of the relevant details; the full name and address of the charity and its registered charity number and the provision that should the charity amalgamate or be taken over, your gift will make it to the successor charity.

While we do everything we can to make sure your gift or legacy is made as easily as possible, disagreements can arise. If you find yourself facing a dispute over a legacy left to your charity, our contentious probate team has the expertise you will need to resolve your dispute.

On a more practical note we have also successfully undertaken legacy campaigns on behalf of a number of charities, not only in terms of providing the legal work but also ensuring the campaigns received the level of promotion, publicity and support they need to succeed.

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