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Our tax planning solutions provide effective and legitimate solutions to preserving family wealth. Working alongside fellow professionals with an equally strong track record means we can offer more rounded, cost effective and objective advice on tax planning.

Our team of experts led by Michele Todd take the fear out of tax planning – often seen as a daunting process and one which entails balancing overlapping concerns such as Inheritance Tax, Care Fees, Capital Gains Tax and family relationships.

We ensure that one element is not implemented at the cost of another, considering all the options and seeking the best outcome for our clients.

In the knowledge that everyone’s situation is unique, we deliver the most cost effective and reassuring solutions to add real value to your family wealth.

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Inheritance Tax

At hlw Keeble Hawson we understand that protecting your wealth for the next generation is of paramount importance – which is why we’re always on hand to guide you through this complex and often misunderstood area.

Working on the premise that any future tax changes will benefit taxpayers - in spite of promises to increase the nil rate band to £1M – at hlw Keeble Hawson we ensure the correct provisions are in place.

We achieve this with the creative use of exemptions, reliefs and planning with trusts (lifetime or by will) - ensuring the maximum is passed down to your family.

For example, changes in Inheritance Tax law mean that couples can now transfer some or all of their individual nil rate bands between themselves - giving the potential for greater tax savings. If all assets are left outright to the survivor they could pass outside the immediate family if the survivor goes into care or remarries. Using a form of planning known as a “life interest” or “interest in possession” Wills protects against these dangers while still ensuring maximum tax efficiency. Our team can provide you with more details.

Deeds of Variation

A Deed of Variation allows beneficiaries of a deceased’s estate to change the distribution of the estate or relinquish an inheritance from an estate by changing the dead person’s will.

People often fail to set the right arrangements in place before their death. However it is still possible to take action to save Inheritance Tax after their death.

If made within two years of the date of death a Deed of Variation can see the distribution of the deceased’s estate being treated as if the will or intestacy always contained the correct provisions.


An executor’s responsibilities can be understandably overwhelming – which is why our team of experts take away as much pressure as possible at such a difficult time.

When someone dies with an Inheritance Taxable estate, the Executors are charged with submitting the tax papers within 6 months of death and paying all tax in a lump sum within 1 year.

Because executors have personal liability to the beneficiaries, it’s crucial they get things right. Coupled with property interests, there are often numerous financial issues to deal with, each with their own complex requirements and tax implications.

Our cost effective, comprehensive and efficient Probate Service is designed to put your mind at ease. We collate the required information, obtain Probate/Administration, wind up tax affairs, distribute the estate and assist with, or administer, any ongoing trusts created by the will.

Capital Gains Tax

Varying in its complexity, Capital Gains Tax is something that applies to an increasing proportion of people – and which can spark considerable worry.

The most straightforward cases are where an asset is sold for a profit (such as with second homes or shares). More complex situations can entail a family company where parents might be looking to retire from the business.

Whatever your circumstance our Private Client team will provide guidance and practical solutions.

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