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Private Client and Elderly Client Services

Our Private Client services - spanning wills, care home fees and Lasting Powers of Attorney - address a broad range of concerns.

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Home Visits

We understand that being in the familiar surroundings and the comfort of your own home can make speaking to a solicitor less daunting.

With this in mind, and in line with our ethos of always having the interests of our clients uppermost in our minds, our team are happy to travel to see you.


An up-to-date and valid will is key to planning and preserving your interests.

The expertise of our experienced, legally trained and regulated solicitors in SheffieldLeeds and Doncaster surpasses that of unregulated Will-writing counterparts.

Familiar with all the complexities associated with the modern family unit, our depth of knowledge and service provision underpins our track record in serving your best interests and achieving successful resolutions.

Wills for Individuals

At hlw Keeble Hawson, we treat every will as individually as the person making it. Our bespoke service ensures your will is cost effectively tailored to your circumstances.

Life Interest Trust Wills

For most of us our main and most important asset is our home and a Life Interest Trust Will helps to protect assets, investments and property for future generations.

Threats against this asset have recently become more numerous, with reports of people’s homes controversially being used as a vehicle to cover the costs of providing elderly care.

This vulnerable asset can likewise be lost as a direct consequence of the remarriage of a surviving spouse.

In the adage that prevention is better than cure - and with some careful planning and management - a significant proportion of these family assets can be safeguarded from such threats through Life Interest Trust Wills.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

As our population continues to age, it’s increasingly important for the elderly to consider appointing someone to look after their affairs in the future. In too many cases this crucial step is overlooked and can often end up with them being mentally incapable of appointing an Attorney.

If you are in this position, having the correct provisions in place early enough ensures your wishes are acted upon as well as providing reassurance and peace of mind for you and for those who will be caring for you.

Lasting Powers of Attorney can cover property and financial affairs, as well as health and personal welfare. In the unfortunate event that an individual does not have the capacity to sign a Lasting Power of Attorney, there is usually no alternative but to make an application to the Court of Protection for the appointment of a Deputy.

We are pleased to explain and discuss all these areas in detail.

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