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Private Family Trusts

It is a misconception that the use of trusts is purely for tax planning.

The impact of Capital Taxes can be mitigated by the use of trusts, and trusts can also help in cases of care fee planning, where clients might have second families or vulnerable children and special protection is required.

Anyone with a disabled or otherwise vulnerable child can consider including a trust provision in any will, to avoid the child losing state entitlement and to protect him or her from third parties.

The department’s accountant David Capewell runs our ongoing trusts. David also deals with all taxation aspects and prepares specialist computations of tax liability and complete individual Annual Returns. Such level of expertise ensures a comprehensive and efficient service.

PI Trusts

Personal injury claims are much more common in today’s world where claim companies bombard us with bold statements about financial compensation.

However many people overlook the fact that an award of damages will not help you if it affects any means tested State Entitlement you may be receiving.

If an award of damages is paid into a personal injury trust then the capital can still be used to your benefit, but in such a way as not to infringe on your right to state help. It is important to consider and implement this (if appropriate) when receiving your award.

hlw Keeble Hawson provides a one stop service for both personal injury claim and the creation of trusts for settlement proceeds. Our service differentiates itself from many others owing to our considerable trust expertise and breadth of knowledge in related areas.

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