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Moving House Checklist

Moving home can be a hectic business. In the run up to the big day, it is all too easy to forget something vital. To help you avoid some of the major pitfalls we offer the following checklist:

With Two Weeks to Go

  • Arrange to take over gas and electricity at your new address, and make sure that all appliances will be properly fitted
  • Notify all utility providers and ask them to make the necessary arrangements for a final account at your present address, and for taking over or installing or removing of facilities
  • Arrange for change of address cards to be printed
  • Get estimates from removal companies, checking that comprehensive insurance cover is available against damage or loss, is there a packing/unpacking service? Confirm the date of your move
  • Check on your home contents insurance policies to ensure that you are covered for the move and covered at your new address
  • Arrange for suitable buildings insurance on your new property for at least the reinstatement value. Arrange for any lender to be noted on the policy as having an interest.

WIth One Week to Go

  • Defrost refrigerators in preparation for move and if you are moving a freezer and its contents turn it up to maximum for a couple of days before you move
  • Arrange and pay for automatic re-direction of your mail by the Post office
  • Send off change of address cards
  • Cancel and pay up accounts for routine delivery services such as milk, groceries, newspapers and fuel.  Re-organise these deliveries for your new address
  • Make arrangements for your gas and electricity meters (plus water meters where relevant) to be read and all your appliances to be disconnected on the day of your move

On the Moving Day

  • Dismantle any light fittings etc not included in sale
  • Disconnect cooker
  • Turn off water
  • Pack items for washing/toiletries
  • Read gas/electricity/water meters
  • Remove any curtains / carpets not included in the sale
  • Turn off electric appliances
  • Turn off boiler/central heating
  • Leave keys as arranged with estate agents/new owners
  • Lock and secure all windows and doors

Who to Notify

  • Your employer
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Children’s School
  • Bank/Building Societies/Post Office Savings Bank
  • Social Security Office (Child Benefit, Pension, NI)
  • DVLA (Driving Licence)
  • Car/Health/Life/Home - insurance companies
  • Stores where you have an account
  • Credit card companies
  • Phone/Satellite/Cable/Internet/Broadband TV Provider
  • Town Hall Council Tax Department
  • Hire Purchase/Rental companies
  • Passport Office
  • TV Licence office
  • Library
  • Sports/Social Clubs
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Investment companies
  • Motoring organisation (AA/RAC etc)
  • Tax Office
  • Transfusion service if you are a donor
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • National Savings/SAYE/Premium Bonds office
  • Milk deliveries
  • Window Cleaner
  • Gardener
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