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Physician cure thyself

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I am hors de combat at the moment, struck down in my prime with a debilitating condition. I am not suffering from man-flu or anything like that. No, this is much more serious - I have managed to injure my back by, of all things, bending down to pick something out of a bag.

Clearly that wasn’t the cause of the problem (and neither were the two rounds of golf I played earlier in the week just so that we are absolutely clear about this). I blame my 21 month old son who frankly has no regard whatsoever for Health and Safety legislation. Some people might say that as a lawyer I should know better and that whenever I pick up my son I should also make sure I take up the appropriate position and use the correct technique. I say, those people clearly haven’t met my son. If they had, they would know that sometimes there isn’t time for those kind of niceties.

What it also confirms is that those people who specialise in certain areas (I am thinking in particular of lawyers and doctors) very often take no care whatsoever of those things about which they often give strong advice. I have no idea why this is the case, but those who should know better, almost invariably don’t do better.

Posted: 27/08/2010 16:38:15
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