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Holiday, What Holiday

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My holiday seems a very long time ago now. We had two sun-kissed weeks at the coast at the beginning of July but I have almost forgotten them in the excitement which has reigned since we announced our merger with hlw a few days ago. Since our announcement I have spent a lot of time talking to clients, contacts and the media to explain more about what the merged firm will be able to offer to its clients and the strategy it will be following going forward.

I must say I have been delighted that the response to our news from our clients and contacts has been overwhelmingly positive and I am really excited about the future for the merged firm. Let’s hope that this excitement will survive the discussions about IT integration and telephone compatibility which I will need to be involved in to ensure that we are one firm as of 1 October 2011 (IT people do seem to talk a different language to the rest of us). I know that my partners and I are itching to get out into the market as a merged firm and we are confident that the offering we will have for existing clients and for those for whom we do not yet act will prove to be very attractive.

We have created a page on our intranet for our staff so that they can see how the discussions I mentioned above are progressing. I promise not to inflict the results of those discussions on you.

Posted: 04/08/2011 15:32:23
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