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There has been a hiatus since my last blog entry and I have learnt (if I didn’t know already) that there is room in your life for only three things at a time. Usually one of my family, management of the firm and my corporate work is sufficiently on an even keel to enable me to squeeze in my blog as a very modest third element. Over the last couple of months all three elements of my life have been demanding and so this has meant that the one part which does not complain if I ignore it, my blog (leaving aside the reminders from my PA) has had to take a step back. I will try to do better.

And it is not as if I haven’t had anything to blog about. If the civil unrest in the Middle East wasn’t enough, there was England’s humiliating exit in the first round of voting to host the World Cup and (perhaps not at the top of everyone’s list of significance) in our house and to my great relief we have moved on from Fireman Sam to Madagascar (“the penguin bit Daddy”).

Perhaps what has touched me the most, however, is the extent of the havoc wrought by natural causes in Australia and New Zealand over the last few months and the stoicism and grit which the populations there have displayed. I cannot imagine the misery which they have had to endure recently and yet as nations they seem able to dust themselves down on each occasion and just carry on. We have our own ‘disasters’ from time to time but the scale of what has befallen them and their reaction to it puts our difficulties into perspective.


Posted: 23/02/2011 09:00:33
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