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I’m getting old. I know I am getting old; I’m not sure how it happened (ok that bit isn’t true, of course I know how it happened, I just don’t know when it happened) and this time I can’t even blame my kids. The reason I know I am getting old is that I have been left behind by IT. I don’t have a facebook page or an iphone or an ipad. I don’t even know how to send a photo message and I have no idea how you skype. Sometimes I wonder if it is too late already and if I joined facebook now, there will simply be something else which everyone will migrate to and once again I will be left behind.

The only comfort I have is that at some point my children will be old enough to sort all this IT stuff out for me, because why does every new generation seem to be able to pick up the latest gadgets effortlessly and as if it was the simplest thing in the world while the older generation struggle even to turn the same gadget on? I wonder if they just approach new technology without any fear and without any preconceptions of what it can or should do and so respond to it naturally and intuitively. Maybe the designers approach the development of these things in the same way.

Whatever the reason, I just hope I don’t end up like my grandmother and try and tune the microwave to radio 4……

Posted: 06/02/2012 11:09:58
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