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You might be forgiven for thinking that the whole of professional sport is run by scoundrels or gangsters at the moment. In the last few months we have had corruption issues at FIFA, the doping scandal at the IAAF (who knows how far that will go) and now most recently match-fixing allegations in tennis. We only need something like this to affect the great sport of darts and my whole faith in the world will have been shaken.

All of this is nothing new really. In fact I suspect that corruption in sport is about as old as betting in sport (so probably as old as sport then) and it just reveals once again what human nature is really like. If we can load the dice in our favour for our personal gain then there are plenty among us who will do that. I heard Michael Johnson comment recently that the ones who are being cheated are the athletes who don’t dope. With the greatest of respect to him (and I concede he has a point), the other people who are being cheated are the spectators who pay to watch what they are told is a fair and clean competition.

I tend to agree with those who say the current world records are so tainted that a line should be drawn under them and a new set of records established. Athletics have done this before in the early 20th century although not as a result of doping, but even if we do reset them, how will we sure in years to come that the new records are suspect in the same way. I’m not sure we can but Athletics has an enormous job on its hands to try and re-establish its credibility and one that will take a long time to achieve. This one is definitely a marathon rather than a sprint.

Posted: 21/01/2016 13:52:29
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