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Going out at the top

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So Paul the Octopus was right (Spain won the World Cup) and like all true greats should, he has retired at the top.  Leaving aside my understanding that Paul always favoured the right of the two containers (and so more right-handed than psychic), it has demonstrated to me how important foresight is as a commodity.

As lawyers we are almost always asked by our clients for predictions: what will happen to a case when it reaches trial, how will certain clauses be interpreted by a court, or expert, or arbitrator for example?  It would be nice to think that we could rely on our psychic powers (and some clients seem to assume that we possess them) but the reality is, what we rely on is our plain and simple experience and that is the value we can bring to our relationships with our clients.

You can be the best technical lawyer in the world but if you have never put those skills in to practice you will be unaware of the myriad of variable factors in any issue over which we have no control but which with experience you can address to your client’s advantage.


Posted: 16/07/2010 16:08:15
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