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You will have noticed that this blog is called rather unimaginatively ‘the Keeble Hawson’ blog. Inspiration completely failed me when I was asked to name it last week and I do not seem to have been any further inspired this week. I did consider asking my colleagues to suggest some names, but knowing their sense of humour as I do, I could not be sure to come out of it with anything suitable (something printable from them would have been a bonus to be honest). For now I am going to let the creative juices simmer to see if anything worthwhile comes to the surface.

Whatever the colour of your politics, all of us I am sure will be relieved that finally we have a new government. It would have done none of us any good for the uncertainty to persist and I hope that this will help in encouraging some confidence in the markets and the wider business community. I take the view, however, that confidence will depend on the extent to which the coalition does give rise to a stable government. The acid test for that will be either the first crisis or the first disagreement on policy (plenty of opportunity for both over the coming months I suspect).

See you next week.


Posted: 13/05/2010 10:50:47
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