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Trouble in Pontypandy

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I have been away for two weeks (hence the radio silence on this blog) because my wife has had our second child, Joss, on 7 November. My first child, Woody, has viewed this event with all the enthusiasm you would expect from someone who has realised that he will soon have to share his toys. He has now come round to the idea although when Joss cries, he throws his hands to his ears and shouts ‘STOP!’.

The two weeks of paternity leave have allowed me to spend plenty of time with Woody, which has been a treat, although his obsession with Fireman Sam has started to wear a little thin. I suspect that given the chance Woody would watch Fireman Sam (and thank goodness for Sky+) 24 hours a day. Having said that, I don’t know about you, but I am glad I don’t live in Pontypandy. It must be a nightmare trying to get house insurance there, where every day there is a fire/flood/civil emergency of some kind and one which only Fireman Sam seems capable of resolving.

Worse than that the main culprit for the trouble in town is Norman Price, a child whose mother probably describes as a ‘likeable scallywag’ but for my mind that should read ‘absolute pain’. The patience and restraint which Sam shows when he rescues him from another mad-cap adventure is remarkable. If it was me (and maybe this is the sleep deprivation from a new child talking), I would leave him to stew on his foolishness first for a bit before rescuing him.


Posted: 24/11/2010 09:00:15
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