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Stick to Your Knitting

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This week I will be giving a talk at the first seminar we as a merged firm have given. My element of the seminar will consist of a section on the state of the corporate finance market. This has prompted the obvious question from a number of my colleagues – ‘what do you know about the state of the corporate finance market?’ They have a point of course. Us lawyers tend to get involved at the end of the process of corporate activity and so we do not usually have direct visibility of for example the appetite of funders for transactions. Colleagues have also said that I do not often let my lack of knowledge on a subject prevent me from talking about it (often at length).

What makes me hesitate here is that not only will some of our friends from the corporate finance community be present at the seminar no doubt ready to heckle, but I want to stay away from the kind of bland statements about the issue which are sometimes made at these seminars, instead offering those attending some genuine food for thought. It also reminds me that there is a lot to be gained by sticking to your knitting. That is no more true than for lawyers and it is one of the benefits of the merger that we can now offer specialist lawyers in virtually every discipline to our clients.

Now, before my colleagues say it, all I need to do is work out what my specialism is.

Posted: 22/11/2011 16:45:10
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