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Good news (for once)

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It has been pointed out to me that this blog has tended to concentrate on the more salacious or negative stories in the news. I could say it is hardly my fault that the interesting stories tend to be the salacious ones, but to ensure I cannot be accused of bias, the blog is going to change.

How refreshing is it therefore to see the outcome of the rescue efforts to free the trapped miners in Chile. I cannot imagine what the last 10 weeks or so must have been like for those men, nor what the first few days in particular were like before they were aware that the rescuers were trying to find them. It is hard to see any negative side to the story at all (try as I might!) and for a few hours at least it reaffirms your faith in human nature – not just the indomitable spirit of the miners but the unceasing energy shown by those involved in the rescue attempt.

Of course it wouldn’t happen here - not the rescue or the spirit of the men I mean, but I have no doubt that once the tabloid newspapers had got hold of the story we would have an X-factor style ‘journey’ about each of the miners’ personal lives (with obligatory photos from their childhood), together with the usual hatchet job on one or more of them once they were rescued. You can imagine the headlines now....


Posted: 15/10/2010 09:11:10
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