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I'm not in charge

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I may be the managing partner of Keeble Hawson but there is absolutely no doubt who is in charge of my house. It’s not who you think either. You might imagine that it is my wife who calls the shots at home (and yes, I did manage to choose the right bathroom tiles in case you are wondering (see earlier blog)), but the reality is that even she has to take orders from the real boss, who is our 2 year old son. The sharp-eyed among you will have spotted that I am therefore 3rd in the order of importance in our house.......out of 3.

The reason our son is in charge is simple; he has the best guerrilla tactics I have ever seen. He knows that the guaranteed way to make his parents compliant is by denying them sleep. It is for good reason that sleep deprivation is considered by some to be a form of torture. He and I both know that at 3.00am if he asks for anything no matter how unsuitable there is more than a fighting chance I will cave in.

Ed Miliband is now the leader of the labour party (and shortly to become a father for the second time). As if it will not be enough for him to cope with the new arrival, he will have to balance the competing demands of the Trade Unions and the more moderate members of his party. On balance I think I prefer the 3.00am demands of my son!


Posted: 05/10/2010 09:37:06
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