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At last our merger date has arrived. It has often felt a little strange over the last 3 months when the firms have been technically separate and distinct but knowing that as of 1 October, we will all be together. Now that we are one firm I don’t have to stop myself subconsciously from checking if it is in order for me to enter the non-client areas of our new colleagues’ offices.

Instead my concern is ensuring that the correct letterhead is where it needs to be (so far so good), that everyone has the correct pass to enter the appropriate building (again pretty faultless so far) and that we all refer to the merged firm by the correct name (well two out of three isn’t bad I always say).

While the gap between our announcement of the merger and its effective date has given us the opportunity to speak to all our clients and contacts, we have not been able to market the firm properly until now and that has been a little frustrating at times. Now at least we can begin properly the challenge of presenting our message to the market and that is when the merger truly comes alive and becomes exciting. The pool of talent we have across the firm and our strength in depth sets us apart from those firms with whom we have competed in the past and, I am sure, will enable us to grow and develop the firm significantly in all areas in which we practise.


Posted: 03/10/2011 09:43:05
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