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September 2010

The TUC has voted for a co-ordinated campaign of industrial action if the Government’s cuts are as dramatic as they have been trailed. The question of cuts (and therefore of industrial action) is particularly relevant to those of us in Sheffield, because the labour market and wider economy is so heavily dependent on the public sector, wher...
Phew, it’s been hard trying to keep up with the tabloid/internet revelations (for which in large measure read ‘gossip’) this week. If it’s not more allegations concerning match-fixing in the world of cricket, it’s the private lives of footballers and even our politicians which have come under the spot-light.
So a tabloid newspaper has reported allegations of match-fixing by a test cricket team. Technically I think the allegation is ‘spot-fixing’ as it was alleged not that the activity directly affected the result, but that it ‘fixed’ a specific moment in the match to enable betting to be rigged.