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A Lesson Learnt

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I have learnt a very important (and probably expensive) lesson in the last week.  That lesson is, never under any circumstances, agree to a physical challenge after you have opened a second bottle of wine, unless you ensure that you retain a veto over the whole affair exercisable within 24 hours.  What I wouldn’t have given for a veto on Saturday morning!  For some reason I managed to find myself suggesting to Don Gray at BHP Corporate Finance that if he came for a 10 mile run with me in the Peaks, I would go for a cycle ride with him (that cycle ride rapidly became a 100 km cycle ride in the Peaks).  This has presented me with a couple of real problems.  I was last on a bike some time around 1983 (and that didn’t end very well with me sitting in casualty being stitched up) and perhaps not surprisingly I don’t even own a bike (or for that matter any of the other expensive bits of kit that will no doubt be required to complete the challenge). 

Don reckons that I have an easier challenge physically.  I don’t agree – my challenge exceeds his by a factor of 4 and to someone last on a bike about 30 years ago the effect of 100km could be pretty graphic and drastic.   I suppose the comfort I can take is that we will be doing it in aid of Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The real dilemma I have is how to ensure that I can actually complete the challenge.  I am determined that this is not going to be the start of a new hobby for me, so I suppose I could use my six year old’s 14” Isla-bike.  Alternatively, if anyone out there has a spare bike they can lend me for a few weeks while I undertake the training and challenge that would be great…..

Posted: 30/09/2014 14:25:42
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