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Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedures

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A new guide created by the Employment team at Keeble Hawson is designed to help employers get to grips with the new laws covering disciplinary and dismissal procedures, that came into effect from April 6th.

Download the disciplinary and dismissal procedures guide. *

The guide is intended as a general advice booklet, not a substitute for legal advice, but covers key areas and points that every employer needs to be aware of, in six clearly laid out sections.

Paul Grindley who leads the Employment team at Keeble Hawson commented:

"This guide introduces a new regime affecting the vast majority of employment tribunal claims. The new procedures are outlined clearly and will be welcomed by employers and advisors alike, as the current ones were widely viewed as unworkable."

Highlights include:

  • No longer a finding of automatic unfair dismissal for failing to comply with a technical step in the process
  • Whilst the act will give tribunals the discretion to increase or reduce awards by up to 25% in certain cases, this is not as draconian as the previous system that imposed upon tribunals a requirement to increase or decrease compensation by between 10 and 50%.
  • The new reduction rules will provide the tribunal with more discretion in cases where the employer or employee has unreasonably failed to comply with the new ACAS code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures.

This useful guide closes with the newly revised ACAS code of practice that underpins the new law and regime and has in fact been in place since 1977.

For further information contact Paul Grindley by email: or direct telephone: 0113 3993424.

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