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Employers - How to Survive the World Cup

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How can you enjoy football fever without hurting your business? The eagerly awaited 2014 World Cup begins on Thursday 12 June...

FootballWhilst England games are scheduled to start after 5pm, some games start earlier and with thousands of football fans working afternoon or evening shifts football frenzy is certain to take hold. Undoubtedly employers will be inundated with requests to leave early or take holiday, ‘sickness absence’ may peak and staff will surely arrive to work late (with accompanying hangover!).  Many may also be unable to resist the temptation to watch the games online during working hours.

So before World Cup fever sets in be sure to reiterate your own rules in relation to sickness, unauthorised absence, use of mobile phones and the internet. A simple reminder that failure to follow the rules may result in their very own red (or yellow) card could save you hours in wasted time dealing with subsequent disciplinaries.

For the generous employers who are flexible during the World Cup, remember to keep all staff on a level playing field with fair and consistent treatment and make sure agreements are in place in advance.

Contact us now for advice about flexible working, alcohol in the workplace, changes to shifts, ways to enable your staff to enjoy the games (eg use of radio), time off in lieu and more.

And if you find you need a referee, you know where we are...

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