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Exporting - is Your Retention of Title Clause Valid?

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A Retention of Title (ROT) clause is commonly used by suppliers to ensure that they can get their goods or money back if a customer goes out of business.

However, if you are exporting you may find that your ROT is invalid in some jurisdictions.

If your ROT is not recognised in the country you are exporting to, and your client’s business fails, you will not be able to reclaim your goods.

Before you agree to export to a company anywhere outside the UK you should check that your terms and conditions are valid in that country and that your goods will be protected in the event of your client failing to pay. The right legal advice at the outset could save you money and peace of mind in the long run.

As well as having our own experts to advise you on ROT clauses, hlw Keeble Hawson is one of only four legal practices in the UK to be a member of Consulegis, a prestigious international network of high quality law firms and professional advisers.

With a membership extending across more than 45 countries and 150 cities, Consulegis gives us access to legal experts who represent all business and areas of major international economic significance and who we can call on to provide the best possible advice. In the same way hlw Keeble Hawson can assist the clients of our fellow member firms with their legal requirements in the U.K.

If you would like to discuss your ROT clause or any other aspect of legal compliance when exporting, please contact Giles Searby at or by calling 0114 2521423.

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