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Get “on yer bike” … legally

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The following is a summary of the main points discussed in the seminar presented by Rebecca Kelly and Deborah Niven on 7th November 2013.

Bike Race10 things to remember if you’re planning to take advantage of The Yorkshire Grand Départ 2014

  1. The Grand Départ Yorkshire 2014 takes place on 5 and 6 July 2014, and the estimated economic benefit to Yorkshire is £100m
  2. Businesses are encouraged to be involved with the event by Welcome To Yorkshire, but any involvement must be within the legislative framework
  3. The “Tour de France”, “Le Tour de Yorkshire” and “Grand Départ Yorkshire 2014” are all registered trade marks which means all have full legislative protection
  4. The “Amaury Sports Organisation” (the event organisers) and Welcome to Yorkshire have a contractual duty to each other and the event’s sponsors to ensure there is no ambush marketing
  5. Ambush marketing occurs when an organisation or company tries to pass itself off as being connected with an event in order to benefit from the goodwill in an event, even though it has no permission or consent to do so
  6. The Amaury Sports Organisation and Welcome To Yorkshire will do this by ‘cleaning’ key points on the race route to remove non-sponsor adverts and dealing with trespassers
  7. Don’t use trade marks which are confusingly similar to the “Tour de France” or “Grand Départ” logos – this will be a breach of the law. Steps will be taken against you to stop you doing this and to potentially claim damages for the infringement
  8. Don’t use photographs of the event unless you have permission from the photographer, or owner of the copyright, to do so. Copyright is an automatic right and substantial copying is an infringement
  9. Don’t use celebrities’ images to endorse your brand unless you have the celebrities’ permission to do so. The law recognises that individuals have rights in their images. This applies even if you took the photograph. Therefore don’t use the photo you take of Mark Cavendish completing the race to promote your goods unless you have Mark’s consent to do so!
  10. To be involved, be creative. Think yellow, French and bicycles. If you’re unsure consult Welcome To Yorkshire’s website for guidance or alternatively speak to Welcome To Yorkshire’s media team. Seeking the correct consents in advance is cheaper than dealing with potential litigation.

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