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How Care Home Owners Can Pursue Late Fees Effectively and Sensitively

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Care home owners and managers are urged to approach the task of chasing outstanding fees efficiently, promptly and sensitively. Managing late payments is an unpleasant but necessary part of any business but, when running a care home, the task can be an emotive one that demands a combination of consideration, respect and resolve.

hlwKH logoFollowing the six steps below can get your accounts back on track while minimising upset for residents and their families:

  1. Don’t put things off. Monitor payments and act quickly when they are in arrears. This is vital, as it will avoid the amounts owed from mounting to unmanageable levels and aid cash flow.
  2. Always consider the sensitivities involved when chasing payment. There is a balance to be struck between taking a firm approach and understanding the emotions involved for family or close friends.
  3. Understand who is ultimately responsible for making payment. Have any family members entered into guarantees and/or has security been provided for fees? If not, should future agreements be amended to include these provisions?
  4. Assess options available if payment is not received. Often the final step will be to issue a Notice of Termination and start proceedings. Given the consequences of terminating a residency, the decision to do so should be fully considered beforehand. This leads us to point five.
  5. Consider alternative dispute resolution/payment plans – can a more informal approach be taken to recover the outstanding fees?
  6. Instruct solicitors at an early stage and always take advice from a firm with an established reputation that can provide references confirming both its legal expertise and sensitive approach.

hlw Keeble Hawson has long experience in providing valuable guidance and support for care home operators and has many testimonials of client satisfaction.

To discuss late fees or any other problems or legal issues your care home faces, please contact Andrew Broadbent on 0114 252 1416


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