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Land Registry Introduces Anit-Fraud Service For Property Owners

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Fraud has become more common over recent years, particularly in the property sector. Property owners who let their properties are at a high risk of their property being charged or even transferred without their knowledge. This can be done with forged identity documents for example.

hlw Keeble hawson logoIt is therefore important for property owners to ensure that contact information at the Land Registry is always up to date, so that if an attempt is made to deal with their property in any way, the Land Registry are able to make contact with them.

The Land Registry have recently introduced a new system to help protect property owners against fraud. The system is known as “the Property Alert (Beta) Service”. Property owners who sign up for the service will receive email alerts when official searches and applications are made against the property being monitored. This will allow property owners to take immediate action against any application which they have not consented too. Any property owners who are not in occupation of any part of the property should take advantage of this service.

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