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Land Registry Launches Property Alert Service to Protect Those at Risk From Fraud

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July is fraud awareness month and, with wide-ranging fraud on the increase, it’s more important than ever to take measures to protect yourself.

One type of fraud that can result in the victim being defrauded out of their most valuable asset – their home or business – is property fraud.

Property fraud occurs where a fraudster attempts to take ownership or raise money against a property, most commonly by pretending to be the owner, and sells or mortgages it without their knowledge.

The Land Registry now offers an award winning ‘Property Alert’ service aimed at anyone who believes their registered property could be at risk from fraud.

As part of this free monitoring service, the Land Registry issues e-mail alerts to the owner when they become aware of suspicious activity relating to the monitored property. They also work closely with agencies such as the police to try and detect and prevent fraud before it occurs.

Since 2009 the Land Registry has stopped the registration of fraudulent transactions against properties worth more than £74 million.

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