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Legal Aid Proposals

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Antony Ball, head of family law in the Doncaster office of Keeble Hawson LLP commented today on the Government’s Legal Aid proposals.

Scales“At present, anyone with assets worth less than £8,000 qualifies for civil legal aid. Under the new system, the limit would be reduced to £1,000 with property values included for the first time - excluding anyone with equity of more than that on their home, effectively ruling out almost every homeowner.”

“It is anticipated that the cull will mean that a quarter of the people who get help from the legal aid system will no longer be eligible. The new thresholds will mean that many, who must be described as some of the poorest in society, will now be denied legal assistance quite often at the very time when their lives are in crisis.”

Resolution the leading association of family lawyers said they were ‘appalled that family legal aid is to bear the brunt of the cuts and equally appalled at the numerous unintended consequences that will arise as a result of this proposal.’

We will keep you updated on this site with the progress and implications of these proposals.

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