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Magic Map May Assist Developers

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Natural England has launched an online tool to assist local planning authorities and developers in assessing whether a proposed development will affect a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The Impact Risk Zones dataset tool maps zones around each SSSI according to the particular features of the SSSI and reveals the types of development that could have an adverse impact on the SSSI.

Local Planning Authorities must consult Natural England before granting planning permission for any development that is in, or likely to affect, a SSSI.

This online tool will assist in considering whether:

  • A proposed development is likely to affect a SSSI.
  • They will need to consult Natural England for advice on the nature of any potential impact on a SSSI.
  • The impact on a SSSI might be avoided or reduced.

The tool has now been published as a downloadable GIS Dataset on the Natural England website and also made available to view through the government’s interactive mapping website “Magic”

For advice on matters that may affect potential development sites, developers should contact hlw Keeble Hawson Commercial Property team at an early stage.

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