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Making ‘Headway’ With Awareness at Charity’s Launch

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Hundreds of North and East Yorkshire residents are now more aware of the vital work carried out by the Yorkshire East Coast branch of Headway, a charity which provides a wide range of support and information services for people with brain injuries.

Headway LaunchThe rain stayed away and sunshine ruled at the charity’s official launch in Scarborough, where two dozen volunteers, including several generations of their families, helped to spread the word along the seafront, parading a banner and balloons and handing out leaflets.

Headway’s local branch chair Mark Hollinghurst said: “Headway Yorkshire East Coast has already held several meetings in the area but this was our first public fundraising and awareness-raising event. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers we handed out nearly 200 leaflets, helping people to understand how Headway helps people with brain injuries as well as their families and carers.

“The day was a great success and we will definitely be increasing our visibility in this area through future talks and events.”

Each year around 135,000 people are admitted to hospital with a brain injury. The majority will make a full recovery in time but even a minor injury can sometimes result in longer term problems. Severe injuries will inevitably need complex care, impacting on the patient, their family and carers.

Headway Yorkshire East Coast covers a wide area encompassing Scarborough, Whitby, Pickering, Malton, Bridlington, Filey and Driffield, and currently hosts talks and events in Whitby and Malton, as well as Scarborough. For more information telephone 01302 308 688, e-mail:, or visit

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