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Mediation – The Best of Both Worlds to Ease The Pain of Family Breakdown

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In the week where they have been awarded a Legal Services Commission contract for mediation, the Family team at Yorkshire Law firm Keeble Hawson LLP are highlighting the benefits of mediation, as a less painful route through family breakdown, when separation or divorce has become inevitable.

Mediation is a process that helps couples to talk things through and brings real benefits such as a reduction in tension and hostility.

As Antony Ball, one of the family mediators in Keeble Hawson’s Doncaster office explains:

“Emotions so often run high when relationships break down and talking face to face can seem impossible, but mediators are trained specialists who can help keep discussions going and help couples to focus on what really matters.

“This is particularly important where children are involved as they really benefit from knowing that their parents are working together. The ‘best of both worlds’ combination of qualified solicitors who understand the law and also have mediation skills is a powerful one – as is impartial advice helping couples to reach practical solutions that are fair for everyone involved.”

Antony was trained as a mediator by Resolution the leading association of family lawyers - and Keeble Hawson LLP also now hold a Legal Services Commission contract for mediation.

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