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Murrayed About Staff Skiving off to Wimbledon or Glastonbury? Don’t get court out……

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As an employer, would you know what to do if one of your staff “pulls a sickie” and is then spotted giving it their all at Glastonbury or quaffing champagne at Wimbledon or any of the other music or sporting festivals this summer?

At hlw Keeble Hawson we urge you to avoid being hasty and sacking him or her by text in a fit of pique - because you may land yourself with a bill for compensation if you don’t follow a few simple rules to help you navigate your way out of a possible employment tribunal claim.

If you suspect your people are flagrantly flouting employment laws, it’s critical you follow the correct process to gain the advantage and avoid paying the price later. The process includes conducting an investigation, suspending the person in question and inviting them to a formal meeting. Your appeals process may entail you drafting in a senior umpire in your organisation and, as specialists in this field, we will help to ensure that you avoid any tricky line calls by serving up an ace or two from our team of employment law experts.

We are adept in advising on such cases and are perfectly positioned to make sure you avoid being centre court or a headline act of a different kind.

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