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Raising Awareness of Brain Injury with GPs

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Some may be surprised by the title of this article.  However, in our experience in working for brain injured clients, we have commonly found that our clients struggle with obtaining a full understanding of their symptoms from their GPs and diagnosing and referring patients with brain injury can be a challenge for GPs.

This difficulty was highlighted in a survey carried out by the Brain Injury Group revealing that nearly three-quarters (69%) of people seeking information and support on brain injury turned to their GP or healthcare professional for guidance.  However, 83% of people effected by brain injury found it “very difficult” or “quite difficult” to find information on specialist brain injury facilities or care despite presenting their problems to their GP.

Brain injury is often seen as a “hidden disability” which in turn leads to difficulties in diagnosis and management of the condition.  Consequently, Headway – the brain injury association - has launched a campaign to work closely with GPs to help identify patients suffering from a brain injury and to ensure that those patients are referred for appropriate treatment, rehabilitation and support as soon as possible.  Headway has put together a bespoke online management and referral guide for GPs.  This website has guidelines and comprehensive information regarding brain injury and can be found at .  GPs are asked to sign a pledge reading “I acknowledge the effects of brain injury can be complex and often hidden and pledge to do all I can to help all effected”.

Headway UK has also launched a survey to gather feedback, good or bad, from patients regarding their experience with their GP.  The short survey can be completed at
Just as it is important that a GP understands a patient’s symptoms, it is equally important that a client’s solicitor understands brain injury and the huge impact this can have on an individual’s life, so as to seek early rehabilitation and full compensation. 

At hlw Keeble Hawson Solicitors we have specialist solicitors with an understanding of all levels of brain injury, from mild injuries all the way through to severe and complex injuries.

Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist solicitors, Mark Hollinghurst at or on 01302 380223 and Aisha Ahmed at or on 01302 308694.

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