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Recent Changes to Permitted Development Rights

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On 15 April this year the Town and County Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 “GPDO 2015” came in to force.

The GPDO 2015 allows property owners in certain circumstances to carry out works to their property or change its use without the need to make a formal application for planning consent to the local authority.

Permitted Development Rights under the GPDO 2015 benefit the owners of commercial property in a number of ways including:

  • Certain extensions to commercial properties now fall under permitted development rights, whereas previously a formal planning application would need to have been made.
  • Property owners can now use their Property temporarily for commercial film-making.
  • The following works can now be carried out to commercial properties under the GPDO 2015:
    • A collection facility can be installed within the curtilage of a shop, for example an area where customers who have ordered goods online can go to collected them.
    • Increased shop loading bays by no more than 20%.
    • Extending and altering a building and installing or replacing plant or machinery on land used for waste management.
  • Commercial property owners can also change the use of their property without the need for planning approval. For example, premises used as a shop, for financial or professional services, a betting shop or casino can now change the use of the premises to a restaurant or café. Likewise casinos or amusement arcades can now be changed to dwelling houses.

The government has recognised the growth in the installation of solar panels on commercial properties, as this too now falls under permitted development rights where the panels are installed on the roof of the Property.

This list is my no means exhaustive but gives an insight into how the rules and regulations surrounding permitted development rights has been widened in a way can only benefit property owners.

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