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Worried About The Web?

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Top 10 Tips for On-line Protection for Businesses

httpHaving a powerful and vibrant website is a given for businesses wanting to engage with existing and potential customers. However, whether operating an e-commerce site, offering a service or providing advice, there are potential threats and pitfalls for all companies operating online - particularly when it comes to protecting their intellectual property.

With the right information businesses can protect their intellectual property and at the same time avoid a situation where they could be pursued for infringing a third party's rights.

Consider the following tips to stay ahead of the game:

  1. When registering domain names, consider registering slight variations
  2. Register a trade mark for your company name, brand name or logo
  3. Take care to ensure that trade mark and domain name registrations are not allowed to lapse
  4. Carry out regular online checks against your registered trade mark or company name to ascertain whether there are any threats to your brand against which you should be aware and/or take action
  5. Place copyright notices on your website and on any photographs on your site
  6. Make sure that you have the right to use any images, graphics or text on your website.  If you have a licence to use these for limited purposes, make sure you know the limits of the licence
  7. Create your own content and text for the website; don’t be tempted to copy others
  8. Have clear website terms and conditions and a privacy policy
  9. Monitor use of your own name, brand and website content
  10. Take steps to protect your data and sensitive information once key employees terminate their employment
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