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Digital and Creative Sector

The digital and creative industries contain some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses. The only problem is with growth continuing at such pace, business owners can sometimes lose track of the latest legal changes and allow their businesses to progress without the protection it requires.

Whether you are involved in advertising, marketing, design, software, apps, fashion or publishing your commercial success will be based upon ideas and innovation. If you do not have the proper protection for every area of your business, all of those ideas and all of that innovation are at risk.

At hlw Keeble Hawson our digital and creative team provides solicitors who know how to put the protection you need in place.

We work with a growing number of digital and creative based businesses including digital marketing agencies, fashion and jewellery designers, software developers, online trading platforms, biotechnology spin-outs, app developers and art based projects.

The services we provide for those clients include:

  • Commercial contracts, including terms and conditions of sale, supplier agreements and licencing agreements
  • Intellectual property advice including trade mark, design and copyright registration and protection
  • Advice on how best to safely trade online
  • Transfer of rights agreements, NDAs, joint venture and collaboration agreements
  • Sponsorship and merchandising agreements and distribution agreements
  • Shareholders’ agreements or partnership agreements
  • Specialist litigators who can resolve disputes that may have arisen from the breakdown of a contract or the infringement of your intellectual property rights
  • Advice on the best corporate structure for you

We also have employment and property solicitors who have wide experience of providing the wider business support a growing digital and creative business needs when it comes to their staff and premises.

If you are looking to develop your international trading we are also members of Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms, in-house lawyers and related professional advisers that allows us to offer a continuity of service wherever in the world you wish to expand into.

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